TCT meridian energy health analysis system

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TCT meridian energy health analysis system

TCT meridian energy health analysis system

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TCT meridian energy health analysis system

What is a health testing expert

It is a multidisciplinary high-tech innovation project involving medicine, bioinformatics, and electronic engineering.

It is based on the theory of meridians of traditional Chinese medicine and uses advanced electronic equipment to collect

Human body meridian bioelectric current, scientific analysis,

Analyze and judge the health status and main problems of the subjects,

And put forward standardized prevention and control recommendations.

[TCT Meridian Energy Health Analysis System] is an individualized guide for all-round health care consultation and cutting-edge health science. Deepening and developing will make a greater contribution to the cause of human health and have broad prospects for development and application.


Profession: A number of medical experts have spent several years analyzing and researching more than one million medical records.

Fast: According to the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with modern medical technology and computer technology, it only takes five minutes to complete the human health inspection.

Accurate: The database of the inspection system is established through scientific methods, strict health statistics processing, and a large number of clinical verifications. The detection accuracy rate is over 85%.

Advanced: Before the human body has obvious symptoms and signs of disease, [TCT meridian energy health analysis system] can detect changes in meridian bioelectricity information, which is conducive to early prevention of diseases.

Simple: The operation is simple, and ordinary personnel can master the detection and interpretation technology after short-term training.

Convenience: Health checks can be performed anytime and anywhere, returning time to patients.

Economical: The cost of testing is reasonable and easily accepted by ordinary consumers.

Safety: It adopts a non-invasive inspection method and is harmless to the human body.

Various test reports:

Meridian table


health report

Meridian analysis

beauty report

five elements diagram

physical symptoms

expert advice