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【This issue’s special offer】Prairie Naturals Organic Spirulina Powder 200g - blood antacid, lower blood lipids

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Prairie Naturals Organic Spirulina Powder

Organic Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) is one of the most ancient green superfood plants on earth.
Spirulina is a rich source of carotenoids, phycocyanin (blue pigments), chlorophyll (green pigment), iron and plant-based (or complete) protein.
These tiny, single-celled freshwater micro algae contain iron, calcium, magnesium, B12. Organic spirulina contains all the essential amino acids and essential fats, complex carbohydrates, fiber, a wide range of vitamins and minerals including antiox idants, carotenoids (especially lutein) and nucleic acids. Researchers have found that Spirulina intake may assist in stabilizing blood cholesterol and inflammation. Regular supplementation with Spirulina also removes accumulated toxins in the body, creating a gentle and safe daily cleansing effect.
Ingredients:Organic Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) , whole plant

Certified Organic
Ideal for adding to smoothies
High Protein & Vitamin B12
Ideal for vegetarians
Increases energy
Stimulates internal cleansing
Promotes optimal immune function
NO artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, sweeteners or hidden sugars
100% VEGAN