Korean Energy Gem Cushion

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Korean Energy Gem Cushion

Korean Energy Gem Cushion

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Korean Energy Gem Cushion

Urbanites enjoy the comfort of air-conditioned life, but they also unknowingly make their bodies cold and their immunity weakened;
Ms. You Yi felt troubled by cold hands and feet and sub-healthy physique.
"Blood runs when it is hot, and condenses when it is cold", the far-infrared rays and negative ions of Korean energy gem pads,

[With the energy of six natural gemstones]
Provides modern thermotherapy effect,
Improve the body's blood circulation and detoxification function,
Warming the meridians and regulating blood qi,
Improve physical and mental state,
relieve muscle stiffness and pain,
Strengthen viscera function,
improve the quality of life,
Live comfortably and healthily.

【Six kinds of natural gemstones】

- illite
    - Longevity White Clay
    - Korean loess
- Pozolan
- Burmese Jade
- Binchotan

[Natural energy provided by six gemstones]

【Far Infrared】

Scientists call it the light of life, and it is an important element for the growth of life on earth. It is a part of infrared rays, which are solar electromagnetic waves that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and belong to physical light energy, with a wavelength range of four to one thousand microns.

And 8 to 14 microns are the most acceptable to the human body. The heat is mild and can effectively penetrate the skin by 4 to 5 centimeters.
It has a physical resonance effect with the original wavelength of the human body,
Activate the body's moisture,
To improve blood circulation,
increase body temperature,
The blood blows and the wind kills itself,
It can improve the human body's wind-cold-damp poison,
pain relief,
Enhance the body's immunity and disease resistance.

【Negative ions】

In forests and waterfall areas, the content of negative ions is abundant;

In metropolitan high-rise buildings and places where the air is polluted, the content of cations is high, causing various chronic damages to the human body.

Oxygen (O 2 ) contained in the body contains eight electrons that are positively charged, six that are negatively charged, and two electrons are still missing for pairing.

    These two electrons grab negative electrons from other cells. During this ionization process, reactive oxygen species are generated, forming an attack on cells and genes.
    Moreover, when active oxygen combines with unsaturated fatty acids, it will hinder the blood circulation system and cause cell metabolic aging.

Scientists, especially those in Japan, put the most effort into using negative electrodes to study treatment methods, and the negative electrons generated by specially designed therapeutic devices touch the body, allowing negative electrons to enter the blood, giving nutrients and oxygen to damaged or weakened cells, Rejuvenate it.