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LOHAS Health | How to supplement vitamins, can it be safe and efficient?

May 31, 2023

As an essential nutrient for the human body, vitamins can not only regulate the body's metabolism, but also maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body. However, according to survey data, 80% of Chinese people are deficient in vitamins...why are so many people deficient in vitamins? What are the effects of vitamin deficiency? How can I add it?

• Severely inadequate food supply, inadequate intake

Such as: single food, improper storage, cooking damage, etc. For example, folic acid is lost by heat.

• Decreased uptake

Such as: digestive system diseases or too little intake of fat, which affects the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

•Relative increase in vitamin requirements

Such as: pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, special occupations, and people in special environments. Improper use of antibiotics can lead to increased vitamin requirements.

Vitamins participate in all aspects of life activities. Vitamin deficiency will seriously affect the normal metabolism of physiological functions and even threaten life.

Vitamin A:

Night blindness, corneal xerosis, dry skin, desquamation.

Vitamin B1:

Oxidation of sugars in tissues is affected. It also has the effect of inhibiting the activity of cholinesterase. When vitamin B1 is deficient, the enzyme activity is too high, and acetylcholine (one of the neurotransmitters) is destroyed in a large amount, which will affect nerve conduction, which can cause slow gastrointestinal motility, digestive tract Decreased secretion, loss of appetite, indigestion and other disorders. Such as neuritis, beriberi, loss of appetite, indigestion, growth retardation.

Vitamin B2:

Oral ulcers, dermatitis, angular cheilitis, glossitis, cleft lip, keratitis, etc.

Vitamin B3 (niacin):

Manifested as neurotrophic disorder, general fatigue at the beginning, and then symmetrical dermatitis on the hands, cheeks, left and right foreheads and other exposed parts.

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid):

Because of its ubiquity, no typical cases of deficiency have been found in humans.

Vitamin B6:

Cause vomiting, cramps and other symptoms. Because foods are rich in vitamin B6 and gut bacteria can also synthesize it, vitamin B6 deficiency rarely occurs in humans. Vitamin B7: Including dermatitis, eczema, atrophic glossitis, hyperesthesia, muscle pain, fatigue, anorexia and mild anemia, hair loss.

Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid):

Leukocytes decrease, red blood cells become larger, and giant cell anemia occurs. The number of lobes of neutrophils is not an average of 2 to 3 lobes, but the number of leukocytes with more than 5 lobes increases significantly. Human intestinal bacteria can synthesize folic acid, so deficiency diseases are generally not easy to occur. However, folic acid deficiency can be caused by malabsorption, metabolic disorders or excessive tissue requirements, as well as long-term use of intestinal antibacterial drugs (such as sulfonamides).

Vitamin B12:

cause megaloblastic anemia.


Abnormal liver function, a large amount of lipid (mainly triglyceride) accumulates in the liver, and eventually fills the entire liver cell; endangers the shrinking function of the kidney; the resulting carcinogenic process first causes genetic damage, and then some mutant cell lines that can form tumors survive and proliferation; infertility, growth retardation, bone abnormalities, hematopoietic disorders and hypertension related to dietary low choline have also been reported.


Eczema, easy to turn white hair.

Vitamin C:

Scurvy, decreased resistance.

Vitamin D:

Rickets in children, osteoporosis in adults.

Vitamin E:

Infertility abortion, muscular atrophy, etc. So can we supplement vitamins only through nutritional supplements? The answer is not. In fact, in our daily diet, fruits and vegetables also contain multivitamins, dietary fiber, minerals and phytochemicals. However, certain vitamin tablets are too single in nutrition, and long-term use of certain vitamin tablets instead of fruits will cause a lack of many nutrients, which is not conducive to health. Even with multivitamin tablets, the nutrition is still not as comprehensive as eating more fruits and vegetables.

With the needs of the advancement of the modern food industry, our nutritional supplement options are also becoming more and more abundant. For example, fruit and vegetable powder processing has quietly emerged as a new processing method. The fruit and vegetable powder adopts the processing method of low temperature and freezing ultrafine grinding, which realizes the full effect utilization, is more convenient to use, retains more nutrients, is easier for the human body to absorb, digest and utilize, and easily supplements various nutritional vitamins.

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