Prairie Naturals Super b-Force 50 超級維他命B雜配方 60粒

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Prairie Naturals Super b-Force 50 超級維他命B雜配方 60粒

Prairie Naturals Super b-Force 50 超級維他命B雜配方 60粒

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Prairie Naturals Super b-Force 50

High-potency B complex with all eight B vitamins

Includes most bioactive forms of B6 & B12

Nurtures normal growth & tissue formation

Reduces risk of heart disease & stroke

Promotes healthy nervous system

Contains 1000 mcg of folic acid

Supports adrenal function

Combats depression

Enhances immunity

Calms & energizes

Improves mood

Relieves PMS



Be calmer & more energetic with Super B-Force 50!

Prairie Naturals Super B-Force 50 is a high-potency B complex with all eight B vitamins including the most active, bioavailable forms of B6 (P5P) and B12 (Methylcobalamin). The whole family of B vitamins works together to support adrenal function, help calm and maintain a healthy nervous system, support normal growth and tissue formation, enhance immunity, and reduce blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine which are linked to increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Prevent drug-induced vitamin B deficiency

Medications that can lower Vitamin B-complex levels in the body include: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), antibiotics, statins, tricyclic anti-depressants, diuretics (water pills), anticholinergic drugs, antipsychotic medications, Doxorubicin & Methotrexate (cancer medications), Phenytoin (anti-seizure), Probenecid (for gout).

Symptoms of vitamin B deficiency:

• tiredness or fatigue • confusion
• soreness of the mouth or tongue • loss of appetite • weight loss
• balance problems • numbness in the hands and feet • poor memory

Are you getting enough of all the B vitamins?

Since the entire Vitamin B complex is an integral part of the healthy functioning of all systems of our body, sub-optimal levels of any of the B vitamins can negatively affect our health in numerous ways. Practicing mindful attention to the messages (signs and symptoms) our bodies are sending to us is one of the first steps to self-healing.


Super b-Force 50 超級維他命B雜配方60粒

使用Super B-Force 50更平靜、更有活力!

Prairie Naturals Super B-Force 50是一種高能B複合物,含有所有八種B族維生素,包括最活躍、生物可用的B6(P5P)和B12(甲基巴拉明)。






•有助於預防 B 族維生素缺乏症;

•增強免疫力; 調節生理機能、促進新陳代謝






每天隨餐服用 1 粒膠囊


每粒膠囊含有: 維生素 B-1(鹽酸硫胺素)– 50 毫克

維生素 B-2(核黃素)– 50 毫克

維生素 B-3(煙醯胺)– 50 毫克

維生素 B-5(D-泛酸鈣)– 50 毫克 維生素 B-6(鹽酸吡哆醇)– 45 毫克

維生素 B-6(5-磷酸吡哆醛)– 5 毫克

維生素 B-9(葉酸)– 1,000 微克

維生素 B-12(氰鈷胺素)– 50 微克

維生素 B-12(甲基鈷胺素)– 100微克

生物素 B-7– 500 微克 膽鹼(酒石酸氫膽鹼)– 20 毫克

肌醇 – 50 毫克 對氨基苯甲酸 (PABA) – 50 毫克




本品為膳食營養補充劑,不能代替藥物。 如果您正在服用磺胺類藥物,服用前請諮詢醫生。