Prairie Naturals Organic CocoaFocus SuperFoods -有機蘑菇綠茶可可粉-150g

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Prairie Naturals Organic CocoaFocus SuperFoods -有機蘑菇綠茶可可粉-150g

Prairie Naturals Organic CocoaFocus SuperFoods -有機蘑菇綠茶可可粉-150g

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Prairie Naturals Organic  CocoaFocus SuperFoods 

Organic CocoaFocus Superfoods is an instant beverage which contains organic and naturally sourced caffeine, cocoa polyphenols, and medicinal mushrooms. The addition of a 3-spice blend, magnesium and potassium further enhances this drink, providing sustained energy, promoting mental focus, and supporting brain health.    


Get ready to supercharge your health with Organic CocoaFocus SuperFoods! Indulge in the rich, dark, and delicious taste of Organic CocoaFocus SuperFoods – the perfect addition to your daily routine. Enjoy it hot for a cozy and comforting treat or serve it cold for a refreshing and revitalizing beverage. Our instant, ready-to-use CocoaFocus Superfoods powder is the ultimate convenience, making it easy to enjoy the amazing benefits of our superfood blend with naturally sourced caffeine, at any time of the day. Our unique blend of brown superfoods is specifically designed to support your energy, focus, mental wellbeing, and act as powerful antioxidants.

Product Benefits

Organic Cocoa powder

• Contains an abundance of flavonoids which support brain health and energy.

• Cocoa flavonoids have been shown to help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain, provide neuroprotective effects and may reduce cognitive decline.

• Also contains other phytonutrients such as theobromine.

Brain-Boosting Mushroom Blend (500mg Organic Chaga & 500mg Organic Lion’s Mane)

• Synergistically, they provide adaptogenic and immune system benefits while also supporting mental clarity, concentration, and focus.

• Lion’s Mane is known as a cognitive enhancer, encourages brain cell growth.

• Chaga helps improve vitality, increase alertness, and support overall brain health.

Organic Black Pepper

• Contains oleoresins and alkaloids like piperine, known to boost absorption of phytonutrients.

• It rich in antioxidant anthocyanins providing the black pigmentation of pepper.

• Both piperine and pepper anthocyanins have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The 3-spice blend of black pepper, cinnamon, and ginger has cognitive benefits.

• Black pepper has been shown to improve brain function and lower depression.

• Cinnamon has been shown to reduce inflammation, improve memory, increase attention, and enhance cognitive function in humans.

• Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and may help improve brain function by reducing oxidative stress.

Magnesium Carbonate & Potassium Bicarbonate are both alkalizing agents.

• Magnesium and potassium are vital for every cell in your body.

• They keep the heart pumping, muscles moving, energy up and blood pressure down.

How to Use 

Suggested Use: Mix 1 scoop (7.4 g) with 250-300ml of hot or cold water or your favourite dairy or vegan-based beverage for extra creaminess. Stir well. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.   

List of Ingredients

Ingredients: Organic cocoa powder, Organic 2-mushroom blend 1000mg: Lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus), Chaga (Inonotus obliquus), Organic green tea extract (80mg caffeine), Organic coconut milk powder, Organic 3-spice blend: ginger, black pepper and cinnamon, Potassium bicarbonate, Magnesium carbonate, Organic mocha flavour, Organic cappuccino flavour, Organic dark chocolate flavour, Gum arabic, Celtic Sea salt (Le Paludier), Stevia.   

Prairie Naturals Organic CocoaFocus SuperFoods -有機蘑菇綠茶可可粉-150g

CocoaFocus SuperFoods含有機的天然咖啡因、可可多酚和藥食同源的菇類。配方中特別添加三種香料、鎂和鉀,進一步增強了這款飲料的益處——提供持續的能量,促進精神集中,並支持大腦健康。

CocoaFocus SuperFoods是即溶型超級食物飲料,讓您可以在一天中的任何時間輕鬆享受我們的超級食物與天然咖啡因對身體的益處。熱飲帶來溫馨舒適的享受,冷飲則提神醒腦。

準備好用CocoaFocus SuperFoods來增強您的健康吧!盡情享受豐富、濃鬱的美味飲品,同時補充營養。



• 含有豐富的黃酮類化合物,可可類黃酮已被證明有助於改善大腦血流量、提供神經保護作用並可能減少認知能力下降。


• 猴頭菇被譽為認知增強劑,可促進腦細胞生長。

• 白樺茸有助於提高活力、提高反應力並支持大腦健康。

• 發揮協同作用,提供適應原及增強免疫系統,同時也有助頭腦清晰、注意力集中。

PurTea® 有機綠茶萃取物

• 比一般綠茶更純淨,雜質、苦味和澀味更少

• 提供純淨、健康的能量來源(80 毫克咖啡因/份)以及被稱為兒茶素(即 EGCG)的強效抗氧化劑


• 黑胡椒已被證明可以改善大腦功能並降低憂鬱症。

• 肉桂已被證明可以減少發炎、改善記憶力、提高注意力並增強人類的認知功能。

• 生薑具有抗發炎特性,可以透過減少氧化壓力來幫助改善大腦功能。


• 鎂和鉀對於身體的每個細胞都至關重要。

• 它們可以保持心臟跳動、肌肉活動、增加能量並降低血壓。


建議用法:將 1 勺(7.4 克)與 250-300 毫升熱水或冷水混合並攪拌均勻。可按個人喜好選擇加入乳製品或植物奶,以獲得額外的風味。



成分:有機可可粉,有機蘑菇混合物1000毫克:猴頭菇,白樺茸,有機綠茶提取物(80毫克咖啡因),有機椰奶粉,有機綜合香料:生薑,黑胡椒和肉桂,碳酸氫鉀,碳酸鎂,有機摩卡香料,有機卡布奇諾香料,有機黑巧克力香料,阿拉伯膠,凱爾特海鹽(Le Paludier),甜葉菊